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We carry a number of popular and trusted makes and models of hot tubs and spas. Be sure to visit our 4 showrooms on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz to see our hot tubs on display. Or, you can select something from the manufacturers catalog or website and we can order it for you!

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"I didn't realize how big your showrooms are, you guys have a lot of displays!"





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Millions of hot tub owners from around the world can attest to the multitude of benefits they derive from using their hot tubs. From arthritis to back pain to diabetes, soaking in a hot tub can help cure what ails you. Not only that, soaking in hot water before sleep can ease your transition into deeper sleep. But don’t just take our word on the immense benefits of hot tub use, come in store today and test it out for yourself!

Caldera Hot Tub Models on Display

  • Vacanza Series Marino
  • Vacanza Series Aventine
  • Paradise Series Seychelles
  • Paradise Series Reunion
  • Paradise Series Kauai

Artesian Hot Tub Models on Display

  • Garden Series Azalea
  • South Seas 519p
  • Island Series Nevis
  • Tidal Fit Active Plus EP12 Swim Spa

Cal Spa Hot Tub Models on Display

  • Patio Series PZ-511 Round
  • Patio Series PZ-621L Hawaiian

Fantasy Spas Hot Tub Models on Display

  • Aspire
  • Drift